In the last few years there has been an awakening of interest in bamboo fly rods. Not only are they a thing of beauty, but the sweetness of the cast and the feel of a fish cannot be equalled.

In USA, where the hexagonal split-cane rod was invented and developed, vast sums are paid for antique rods made by the likes of Payne and Leonard. Modern custom rod makers can charge almost the same amounts for a rod which is lighter both in weight and line rating. Unfortunately some of the products of the more fashionable makers are locked away as investments by collectors and never ever see use on the stream.

Here in the UK, mass production of cane rods was discontinued by the 1970s, but some of the tools and equipment were preserved and are still used. Hardy Bros. themselves have re-introduced craftsman made split-cane rods at US style pricing. Individual custom makers are active here too, though most cannot command the high prices charged in the US. However their waiting lists can be just as long!

Our new range of split-cane fly rods are hand made by an established craftsman, Ryan Burns, in Studley - home of many of the classic rodmakers of the past, and neighbour to the traditional centre of fishing tackle manufacturing in Redditch.

Here he carries out all aspects of the construction, from the splitting the cane, using hand tools. The handles are hand shaped from the finest cork, and nickel silver ferrules, an agate lined stripping guide with hard chrome English pattern stainless steel snakes and tip ring, are added. All fittings are sourced from UK or USA.

We intend to stock a range of ready made rods, based on proven established tapers but, where necessary, upgraded to take account of modern requirements.

The first is a version of the famous “C.C. de France”, a 7ft rod to suit a weight 4 line first made by Hardy Bros in 1911, but adapted as a three piece for traveling convenience. The taper has been modified to account for the extra joint, and a swelled butt incorporated to improve the action. This, the Wm. Salter & Grandson “Club” is normally available from stock, with an aluminium tube, at £695.00, plus £12.00 UK mainland shipping. An example with an extra tip section can be made to order – please contact us for details.

Buyers outside the UK, please contact us for relevant shipping cost.

Read the independent review by Magnus Angus in UK's finest "FlyFishing & FlyTying" magazine here.

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