Many anglers have begun to tire of the relentless innovations in fishing tackle which seem designed to satisfy corporate marketing requirements rather than fishing satisfaction.

The sound of a finely tuned click and pawl reel and the feel of a traditional split cane rod, together with the sights and smells of the countryside, help to bring back the traditional angling experience we crave.

G.E.M. Skues wrote in "The Journal of The Flyfishers Club" in 1917, "I think the chief part of the ecstasy of fishing with the fly is to be found in the qualities of the fly rod, and, if I am right in this, the more exquisite the rod the keener and more perfect the pleasure to be derived from the sport........ It may be, indeed it is, better to fish with any old rod than not to fish. But to fish with the most perfect of gear raises the satisfaction to the sublime".

Over the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest in fishing with more traditional tackle, as enthusiasts share their passion both locally through clubs and internationally through social media. As a result, young artisans have been encouraged to take up small scale production of these items, and we have searched the UK for some of the best, and worked with them to develop distinctive new English made products - fly reels, cane rods, canvas bags and wooden nets, all available exclusively through Wm. Salter & Grandson.

We have always been dedicated to providing a range of classic style flyfishing equipment and accessories unique to us in the UK - and at a price which is still comparable to the more gaudy and soulless alternatives available elsewhere. We have recently added new ranges of split-cane fly rods, classic fly reels, canvas fishing bags, and hand made wooden landing nets – all created in the UK.

You can see, and buy our existing products on the following pages, reached from the buttons on the left. The new products will be added when available - please contact us for more details, or see our Facebook page.

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